Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk 2022 Unlimited Money/Primal Pass

Ark Survival Evolved(2.0.28) Mod Apk is a fantastic game in which you feel you are in an ancient world. Studio Wildcard introduces this game. Its size is 2GB.This game recorded about 1500 downloads on the Google play store. You can install it from Playstore free on an android mobile phone or window. You can earn unlimited money when you download its Mod version.

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 App Name ARK: Survival Evolved
 Publisher Studio Wildcard
 Genre Adventure
 Size 2.5G
 Latest Version 2.0.28
 MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu, Primal Pass
 Get it On Google Play

Ark Survival Evolved Mod Apk Introduction

It is a source of survival for players in the dragon world. In this world, you can hunt or fight against opponents, including a dragon. You will not use any equipment in this game &You are empty-handed and enter into the world of a dragon & You have to learn tricks of survival in the jungle with dragons. You can also hunt in this game & You can learn two skills to survive in this world. One choice is to handle dragons by hunting skills second choice is to become dinosaur food. You also face a new experience of weather in this game.

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Ark Survival Evolved Mod Gameplay

It is straightforward to learn the controls and how to play this game. Some common tricks help you in this game to dominate dinosaurs. You have to hunt dinosaurs which are powerful and can kill you & You should select a mighty dragon that you use to hunt. You have to survive in dragon village.

Features Ark survival evolved Mod Apk

The Connection Between Humans And Dragons

There is a strong connection between humans and dragons in this game. You can observe that dragons are ancient period creatures. You have to live with dragons. First of all, you have to search source of food for yourself because it is difficult to get food in this jungle. You can feed your pet. After this, you have to select a fighter dragon on which you can ride.

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Controls Are Simple

You can use this game very quickly because of controls are simple to play & You can play individually and also with teammates. You can make yourself strong and active by learning skills.

Ark survival evolved Mod Apk Image Download 2

Choose Your Favorite Character

In every game, you have to select a character. You can select your most favorite character. Start building up your character with exciting features. You can change your dragon. Overall, body, fighting skills, and color matter. You must select a perfect character who is active and move fast to hunt dragons.

Ark survival evolved Mod Apk Image Download 3

Without Internet Connection

You can download and play it freely. It means you don’t require any WIFI connection when playing this game. You can play it without an internet connection; modern features require internet. Some modes are available in dark survival mod Apk. You can download it in the unlimited mod or unlock mod. Both are useful to play. You can earn unlimited money when you attack dinosaurs with all your efforts. It will clear the space for you, and you can move forward with extraordinary efforts. You are play with your favorite character in this game.

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Design Your Weapons

You can design your weapons to fight against dragons. You can understand the conditions you face in this game. So you can easily make modern equipment to fight against them. You can design hammers, bows, and arrows & You can also train them with different skills such as where to move and where to stay. You can also breed them.

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Unlimited Money

You can earn unlimited coins or money in this game. It is very necessary to play this game in a good manner because if you cant play it well then lose you coins. When you complete your first task then your level increase and at the end you will be a hero. when you defeat your enemies, you will enter into another level where you will experience different things.

Variety of Species

You can experience about 80 species of Dinosaurs in this game. Some famous them are

  • Doedicurus
  • Argentavis
  • Ankylosaurus
  • Therizinosaurus

You have to observe their habitat and daily routine to breed them. You can also train dragons with time.

Graphical Representation

This game gives a standard graphical view.2D graphical representations are available there. Attractive pictures make a natural environment for players. You can select a smooth character for playing because you can ride on them to play well. A comfortable environment is available for you to play in. The developer uses gentle orchestral music to make this game real, and exciting .you can also purchase new things to use.

Connect With Your Friends

You can give invitation to your friends when play this game online. It means a best choice you can play with friend. You will earn unlimited money playing this game.

Our Experience With This Mod

It is an exciting game to play. You fight against Dinosaurs & You can select weapons according to the situation and hunt them & You will not face thrilling Ads. Graphical representation is awe-inspiring. You can visit different locations where Dinosaurs are also available to attack you. If you make some Dinosaurs trained, you can win this game otherwise will be food for Dinosaurs.

How to install Extra Lives Mod Apk

  1. Click on the link Ark Survival Mod Apk available on the website
  2. Enable all unknown resources from your mobile settings
  3. Get this app from folder of file manager
  4. When it is completely downloaded, open and enjoy

Frequently Ask Questions FAQs

How much space is  needed size for the Ark Survival Mod Apk?

Its require spece of 50MB

Can we play this game online?

Yes, you can download this game online and play with your friends.

Can we download it in the mod version?

Yes, you can download it in the mod version.


It is a thrilling game in which you will discover a new world of ancient times. You will experience dinosaurs everywhere. Some are extra dangerous, and some are not. So you can make trained lazy dinosaurs and ride on them. You can save your life by learning skills against them.

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