Benji Bananas MOD APK V1.48 (Unlimited Banana/Power)

Benji bananas mod apk is an adventure game that you will enjoy immensely. Our lovely monkey Benji is trying to collect more yellow sweets for his girlfriend so you will help him here. Moreover, in the deep jungle, your cute character will search and collect bananas, and during this running game, there is no stop. However, you can play more than 100 stages of the game and enjoy it with your fried and other pro player worldwide.

In addition, during swing from one tree to another, you will face many hurdles, but your firm will change the load. Thus do everything possible in the game to get more bananas and explore the jungle with your friends.

Benji Bananas Hacked Apk

Not only you can collect bananas, but also you can do the race with other players and see who wins the level ultimately. During searching for bananas, you will see many famous places in the jungle, and Benji will handle other evil and destructive animals of the jungle.


Name of Application Benji Bananas MOD APK
Publisher Animoca Brands
Genre Adventure
Size 27.6 MB
Version V1.48
Update 1 Day Ago


Easy to control the game

When you hold your fingers on the screen, Benji will run forward and immediately swing to the nearest available rope. In fact, when you free your finger from the screen, Benji will fly, but it depends on your hold.

If you hold the screen for a long time, it will fly up, and if you have the screen for a short time, it will fly for less distance. In contrast, you need to put Benji up from the ground continuously. If Benji falls on the ground, then the game will finish, and you have to play it again.

Customization and up gradation

During the game, you need to collect more bananas to enhance the power of Benji. These rewards will help you to customize Benji’s loos and costumes. On the other side, you can upgrade his jumping and gripping abilities that allow him during the run.

Furthermore, you can choose some special powers for him, like if you want Benji to run continuously even after falling, you can choose a one-time skill that s called extra life. Chiefly you can pick tiger smack power in that you will hit a tiger before it harms Benji. Of course, you can use snack oil, head start, and rocket boost powers.

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Interesting outfits and accessories

In the Benji, bananas hack apk, and you can select the best outfit for your monkey. Besides, you can get free accessories like glasses, a mask, and a new hairstyle for Benji. It will be so satisfying that your monkey will be unique among other monkeys.

As well as, there is a character of Benji’s girlfriend, so if you select her, you can also choose the best outfits for her. But for doing all this, you need to spend a significant quantity of bananas. These outfits and accessories are free to use, and every player wants to make beautiful money.

Multiplayer game

This is a multiplayer game, and you can play with your loved ones and other players from this universe. In a multiplayer game, you can share your experience and learn many things from others. There are different playing modes like fruit race, girl race and last to fall. These modes have their specifications and unique gameplay. Hence you can join two-player ways to get more fun in one setting.

Benji Bananas Cracked Apk

Unlimited resources

Benji bananas mod apk 2022 allows you to use unlimited resources like money, bananas and other resources. Use these rewards after completing your level and shop more things for Benji. In our mod apk, you will never pay anything because our provided mod is free and unlocked with unlimited resources.

Your primary mission is to get success for Benji, your cute friend. The jungle has many hurdles and harmful animals that can create tough times for your monkey, so be careful with them and get your desired things.

How to download Benji bananas cracked apk

  • Press on the download key that has shown on our site.
  • Downloading of Benji bananas mod apk will start instantly.
  • Then go to mobile settings and click on the security tab. You will see unknown source files for installation.
  • Enable these files, and installation will be complete in a few moments.
  • Now open the game that will run smoothly on your device.
  • Play and enjoy the running race in the jungle.


Q1: Who developed Benji bananas mod apk unlimited money?

Ans: Animoca Brands has developed the game, and you can download it from the internet without spending an amount.

Q2: Is Benji bananas mod apk unlimited bananas safe to play?

Ans: We are very strict about the security and safety of our games, so we constantly scan these games with anti-virus software. We are offering a 100% safe and technically secure match to play on the positive side.

Q3: What will I get in the Benji bananas cheat apk?

Ans: You will get unlimited bananas, countless money, costumes, unlimited powers, and much more. Continuously enjoy the banana catching race with cute Benji and other friends and see who will win and get more points in Benji bananas apk hack android.


Benji Bananas MOD APK is an adventurous banana catching race that you will enjoy till the end. With other mini-games, you need to complete the tasks and levels and collect as bananas as possible. Your little Benji monkey will help you gather a significant quantity of bananas, and you will use these bananas for more beautiful things in the race. You and your friends can play the multiplayer mode of this game and estimate the winning points. There are many powers that your monkey will acquire, and you will become more energy and strength. To summarize all points, you need a game that makes you happier and livelier, so Benji Bananas MOD APK is here to download.

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