Day R Survival MOD APK V1.716 (Everything Unlocked)

Day R Survival Mod Apk is an adventurous survivor game developed and published by tltGamesWhen the game, you were in 1985 Russia and at that time, nuclear war had just started. In addition, Russia was attacked by thousands of atomic bombs, and the people affected by the bomb became horrifying zombies. Besides, you were the only lucky one who survived the attacks of the atomic bomb. But this survival is more dangerous than dying at that moment because you were dying of hunger and walking around, searching for food and continuing fighting with the monsters.

Day R Survival Hacked Apk

Day R Survival Hacked Apk contains different levels, and each level contains adventurous activity from the previous one. Furthermore, with day r survival mod apk unlimited money, you can enjoy all the features for free. In addition, High- Quality graphics are used to give you a sense of realism in the game and make you feel that you are here. Sounds create a mysterious feeling in the game. Moreover, if you are looking for a game that offers you dangerous and adventurous levels, then day r survival mod apk android is best for you. 

The original version does not give you all features without charges; you have to pay a considerable amount. Furthermore, if you download our mod version, you will get unlocked all premium features, unlimited money, free shopping, and much more. Go and install day r survival mod apk unlimited everything from our website for free of cost and enjoy all the pro features.

Day R survival MOD Features

The below are some of the day r survival hacked apk’s most notable and distinguishing features:

Different Game Modes

The game offers you different game modes in an online mode; you can play with your buddies in an exciting cooperative mode. Hence, battle the hazardous zombies and monsters approaching you as a group. Furthermore, another is the Challenge mode, in which you challenge other players.

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Challenging survival situations

The game offers you an adventurous experience because you were in Russia in 1985 when nuclear bombs attacked when you started the game. In addition, those hit by attacks become a zombie, and you are the only one who survives. Moreover, you are fighting with the zombies, searching for food, and having no weapons. Hence, you can fight in the challenging levels full of zombies and restore Russia.

Realistic Surroundings

Everything is so natural in day r survival mod apk unlimited everything you feel is happening with you. The gameplay is so fascinating. Hence, in this game, everything is designed so well; horrifying zombies, attacks, and all your surrounding are designed so well.

High-Quality Graphics

Graphics are the central part that plays a vital role in making the game adventurous. Besides, in day r, survival hacked apk weather conditions and time changes that make the dangerous situations in the game.

Immense world

As the levels you complete, you are moving into many places and meet with many people and explore their stories, and their ideas will help you in the next level.


To survive in native Russia, you will have the skills to face challenging missions.

Unlimited Money

In this game, you must complete many tasks to earn money, but this money is not enough to buy anything. Do not worry; you will get day r survival mod apk unlimited money free of cost using our mod version.

Day R Survival Cracked Apk

Free shopping

Hence, free shopping from Day r survival mod apk because you have unlimited money and buy everything when day r survival mod apk is downloaded from our website.

Realistic Sound

The game has the best sound effects where each object’s sound is like we hear, making you feel that it happens with you in reality; hence, it is even more interesting to play for the users.

What is really New in the MOD APK for Day R Survival?

The newest version that is malware-free and entertaining. You may download day r survival Mod APK unlimited money from our website without a second thought since we provide trusted links. Furthermore, access your favourite weapons and enjoy levels full of adventures.

The new features in this upgraded version are listed below:

Adventurous Graphics

The game designer observes the game’s visuals and soundtrack in great detail. In terms of presentation, the game will meet or exceed expectations in terms of graphics and action.

Update regularly

We regularly update the day r survival mod apk unlimited everything

and provide the latest version to our users.

It isn’t required to get a root

This game’s mod version doesn’t require you to access your phone.

Download Day r survival MOD APK now

Download the day r survival mod apk car customization and racing game and play it. The steps to download this game are as follows:

  1. First and foremost, you may get Day R Survival Mod Apk from our website.
  2. In the setting, enable downloads through unknown sources.
  3. To begin the installation on the device, select the install option.
  4. After complete installation, you can enjoy all unlocked pro features.

Day R survival mod apk Gameplay

 Day r Survival Mod APK’s gameplay revolves around surviving at an adventurous level in Russia. You’ll have to conquer several levels of difficulty. The game offers you two modes in online mode, you can make a group fight with the zombies, and the other is challenge mode, in which you can compete with other players So you’re prepared to take on these difficulties. In this game, you move from one place to another, meet with other people, and explore their skills.

Day R survival Mod APK Conclusion

Please read our entire article to learn everything you need to know about day r survival mod apk unlimited money. We also include a download link for this application that has been thoroughly tested and is completely secure. This game is exciting and entertaining, and it is a great method for users to pass the time.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1 Is Day R survival available on the internet?

Ans: Online. Survive with the help of other gamers. The average level of difficulty. The obstacles in this mode are the same as the standard difficulty, but there are two additional features available only in online mode: player trading and fight strengthening.

Q2 Day r is what kind of game is it?

Ans: Day R Survival is a post-apocalyptic text-graphic adventure game set amid the enormous wastelands of the defunct Soviet Union. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Q3 In Day R Survival, does loot results been achieved?

Ans: Loot inside cities does not respawn over time; instead, it respawns when an update comes out that changes something major, such as the layout or the number of regions in a structure; nevertheless, not every building inside every city will respawn, and many will remain plundered indefinitely.

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