Dragon Village MOD APK 2022 Unlimited Food/Gems/Coins

It is a dragon land Dragon Village Mod Apk game. You have to experience different creatures on Dragon Island. You can play with different dragon and discover many different dragons. There are different types of creatures on dragon land and you don’t need to fight against them instead you have to raise them and also feed them. Dragons are under your custody. You can make another city of powerful dragons & You have to give time to your pet dragons. You can also name them and also begin their training against other players.

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 Publisher Tap Pocket
 Genre Simulation
 Size 115MB
 Latest Version 13.42
 MOD Info Unlimited Food/Gems/Coins/Resources
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Dragon Village MOD APK Introduction

You have to make a citty of pet powerful dragons in Dragon Village mod Apk. You have to feed and breed them & You can also decorate your dragon city .so, that your dragons are attracted to you & You can breed different dragons and in the result a new dragon will come. Id a fire dragon breed with water dragon then a Lava Dragon came into existence. You can also try Gacha Club Mod Apk.

Dragon Village MOD APK Gameplay

Install Dragon Village Mod Apk is a effortless game. You have to build a dragon village which is full of greenery and attractive items. These items attract more dragons if you want a new varity; you have to breed 2 dragons of different qualities. You have to train your dragons against fighter players in battle. Your behavior with dragons must be affectionate and caring. It will show your gaming skills if you breed more and more dragons. It is very interesting game for you and you can enjoy it and addicted.

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Dragon Village MOD APK Features

There are interesting feature about dragon mod Apk. You will enjoy it when start it.

Simpler and easy to use

Dragon village mod Apk is very uncomplicated and trouble-free to play. You have to just build a village for dragon where you have to breed different types of dragons. These dragons are also powerful variety in numbers. You can also hire some villagers for work so that you can spend time with your pets.

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Processing unique Abilities

In Dragon Village Mod Apk , you can breed new varieties of dragon according to your choice. Like if you want to breed unique abilities in you dragon then  you have to breed two dragons of different abilities. e.g. a fire dragon and water dragon will  breed a new lava dragon. Lava dragon will be a powerful dragon according to abilities and skills. It is a quick process of breeding and gets dragons. You can make a group of powerful dragons. You can also use them against enemies.

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Bringing the Joy of discovery

You can enjoy a lot in dragon village mod Apk. It is a best way of learning how to feed pets. You can experience a new thing when breed dragons in your village. You can enjoy when you feed them. a amazing experience about this game when a new baby dragon hatch from egg. Beautiful areas are experience in this game.

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Supporting many different Breeds

You have to support different types of dragons in dragon village. You have to provide them with proper an sufficient feed & You have to behave them with love and peace & You have also train them with fighting qualities so that they will against enemies when needed. Your dragons must be of full power and extraordinary potential.

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Join Dragon Stage Mode

In this mod you can achieve best skills for your dragon. You can build a beautiful village for your dragons. You can also facilitate it according to needs of your dragons. Every Dragon has its own beautiful house full of feeds. Water passing is also present near each house. You also have to kept them on specific places.

Dragon Village MOD APK Image 4

Prove your Gaming skills

You can perform best in Dragon village mod apk because you can well aware about skills of game & You can also adjust dragons on different locations. You also have to adjust yourself according to gaming strategies. Target is that you have to multiply dragons and also alter them on different places. Your dragons must powerful against any enemy

Fight with friends

You can battle against your friends who are present online player. You can also play with different multiplayers in Dragon village mod Apk. It gives you a beautiful view that different categories of dragons are available and their locations are also attractive. You must have to feed them well.

Amazing Graphical Pattern

You have experience amazing graphical representation in Dragon Village mod Apk. Village is beautiful and attractive. You can stylize it with different decorative material. These items can purchase with money you earn in rewards. Every dragon has their own house. You also have to make space for more dragons.

Decorate your dragon Land

Dragon Village mod apk is a stunning game to play. You can also design your village beautiful Make a separate house for every dragon. Also make space for other dragons. You have also provided water area for them. Village is also full of greenery and beautiful elements attract your dragons.

Our Experience with This MOD

we find this Dragon Village mod Apk very interesting and adventures .You also have to experience about 150n dragons variety. Each dragon is very beautiful by personality and powerful according to skills. You can multiply dragons’ egg. You can also play with different multiplayer in battle field when needed. Your dragons must powerful when fighting against other dragons. It depends upon if you have to feed your dragons well.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can we play this game without the internet?
  2. Yes, you can play it freely with or without an internet connection.
  3. Is it downloads on a tablet?
  4. Yes, you can download it on a tablet or PC.
  5. How can we obtain an unlimited of money?
  6. When you install this mod, you will receive infinite money when finishing your destination


It is very adventures game for you. You just have to multiply your dragons in dragon village. You can treat them like your pet. It is your responsibility to feed and care of them. Dragon village is full of enjoyment and thrills. You have also face a battle part in this game. Your dragons must have abilities of fighting against enemies. Each dragon is of attractive style and personality. Graphical representation is 2D. You can get unlimited money when win rewards against enemies fighting.

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