Drive Ahead Mod Apk 2022 Unlimited Money/Gems

Drive ahead mod APK is a fighter racing game. It gives freedom to a player to do everything they want. There is a cute and exciting feeling in this game. You must make an accident to earn points. Controls are simple and easy to use. You would also face alliances and robots in this game.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Cover

Name Drive Ahead Mod APK
Publisher Dodreams Ltd
Version 3.14.1
Size 138M
Category Action
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money/God mode/Free craft
Support Android 4.4+
Get it on Google Play

Outlines of Drive Ahead Mod Apk

Drive ahead mod APK is best for the player who loves racing games. A variety of cars are used to play this game. Except for cars, you can use other vehicles like

  • Trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Tanks
  • Racing cars

Other vehicles are also present in this Drive ahead mod APK. You must choose any vehicle according to the strength and power you need. You can also try City Racing Mod Apk.

Essential Points of Drive Ahead Mod APK

There are some essential Key points of Dive Ahead to depend upon new features are introduced:

Defeat your Rivals

Driving Ahead mods is a fighter racing game in which you Drive Ahead  APK and crush your rival’s head according to the power you have. It is not easy to destroy an enemy with a simple card, and you must use the powerful car to crush your rival’s head. You must pass all levels to win the game in the Driving ahead mod.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Image 1

Rewards You Exceptional Vehicles

It rewards you with exceptional vehicles to play well. these outstanding vehicles are the following:

  1. Car
  2. Tractor
  3. Ambulance
  4. Antique Formula
  5. Amphibians
  6. Mecha
  7. Asphalt paver
  8. Egg mobile

Various bikes and bonus vehicles are also present in the Driving ahead mod APK

  1. Robo Bikes
  2. Steel Crab
  3. Fossils
  4. Snow racer
  5. Shopping cart
  6. Allan Attack Drone
  7. All kinds of vehicles you would win as rewards

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Image 3

Upgrade Your Car Accessories

You can upgrade your car accessories. You can boost your car by increasing its properties by purchases. When you purchase an upgraded car with money, you win in multilevel. High-graded vehicles are used because the potential that we want to display equipment is also according to the player’s choice that they can upgrade their potential according to taste.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Image 2

The Drawback of Crafting a Car

One drawback in Drive ahead mod APK is that if you have no instruments or parts of a car you want to craft, you cannot prepare them. These parts are present in different places. You need to pick them up, pay money in return after crafting your car according to your choice, and play your game with your favourite car.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Image 4

PvP and AI Level

These two modes are used in fighting. But it isn’t easy to play using these modes in the computer system. But easy on an android mobile system.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Image 5

Invite Through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

You can invite your friends and other multiplayer through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can first test your skills in fighting, observe, test, and go through driving ahead.

Unlock Random Vehicles

Use a box given to you to unlock random vehicles for you to play. When you become victorious, you will win some reward money to unlock some cars. You can even select a banana car to fight against your opponent. But make the right decision while choosing.

8-Pixel Graphic Style

The graphic style in this game is 8 pixels. Somehow, that dotted-style graphic is not so good to see for gameplay. The quality of this graphic is somehow good or not. So make the right decision to play this game or choice to play or not.

Limitless Coins and Money

It offers unlimited cash or diamonds. These are not limited purchase

Enthusiasm Game

Pro pass is used in this Driving ahead is like a royal pass in a pubg game. You can make 50 coins on every level. Levels of coins, skin, and vehicles are used in Drive ahead games. You don’t need to spend money purchasing games or another group. So play it in Drive Ahead mod APK

Selection of Boss

You can select a boss you want to fight with. Boss is your opponent. You must have the strength to beat your opponent. It is possible in the case of powerful cars you have. So strengthen up your cars by unlocking some features.

Disable Ads

You can make ads disabled by clicking the options present on your screen. No ads pop up on the screen while playing the game.

Control is Simple

Control of this game is simple. Just use left and right directions to move the car. Use a head-crushing game to explode your enemy. You experience a variety of places on the way. Battlefield is not a clear phase for you, but you must pass in every condition.

The Reverse of a Car is Possible

If you come to know that you can’t play more and you don’t have the power to fight against your enemy, you can reverse and change direction or mode. It may save you from beating.

Select Huge Car

You must select a big car to play with .The big car has more advantages as compared to small ones. Fighter instruments like tank facilities are present in big  and you can take advantage of them. Big cars have a massive ground clearance and the power to crush your enemy.

Selection of Ramp

You must select the ramp level to increase the chance of rewards. It is flat ground to move and a tiny island that you would not find any difficulty. You can race well and can beat your opponent well.

Download Drive Ahead Mod APK for Android

  • Click on the Download button below
  • Allow unknown resources in your mobile setting
  • Start downloading, wait for a few seconds
  • When the download is completed, search in a folder
  • Click on the apk file and enjoy your game



It would help if you watched your head in the gladiators fighting in the car. You can play drive ahead in the head-to-head fight mod. You can collect over 300 cars that are best in styling to increase the best rewards. When we win these rewards, we can purchase different vehicles like garbage trucks, stunt cars, and many more. You can build your fighting team. Drive Ahead is a best-dotted pixel game.


How can you download it freely?

You can download it by clicking on the free download version.

Is this a new version?

Yes, this is a new version.

Can this game be downloaded in a modded version?

Yes, this game can be downloaded.

Updated versions include

  • Featured community videos
  • Face new opponents
  • Motor soccer game introduced


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