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MDickie develops this 49MB game Extra Lives Mod Apk. It is a funny game to play where you select a costume and enjoy it. You enter into a different world where zombies lead & You visit different places and locate zombies’ appearance. You will  attack on them with weapons like guns till they reach death. For your own safety, you’ll need to clean the area yourself.

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App Name Extra Lives Mod Apk
 Latest Version 1.14
 Last Updated May 30, 2022
 Publisher MDickie.
 Requirements Android 5.1
 Category Adventure
 Size 51 MB
 Google Playstore Play Store

Extra Lives Introduction

It is a fantastic fighting game against zombies. You try your best to reach your destination, but it is straightforward. You find many functions in this game & You will experience about 200 characters and 50 locations to visit. Each character will play this game quickly and different style. A variety of characters are present to make you satisfy. You can change your character according to a situation. You can also change your character while playing this game.

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Extra Lives Mod Gameplay

It has simple gameplay in which you fight against zombies to get your goal. You can get your goal by attacking zombies .sometime you select updated weapons like automatic guns to fight against them. It is a hilarious act when you change your character. Each character is of different qualities. You can change your character in different places where you have to do this because of different locations. You are in a devastating world and struggle to move against

zombies. You also have to unlock some locations to discover more. You also get some objects for your purpose.

Features Extra Lives Mod Apk

Controls are simple

You can easily handle this game if you have survival experience with zombies & You are familiar with MDikie games; you can use touch controls easily. You can use a sandbox map by using a virtual analog & You can use multiple buttons with a different colors to fight against enemies. It will help you more in this game. It’s also a good idea to use a variety of weapons to fend against a variety of foes.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Image 1

Build any character

In every game, you have to play the role of any character. Start adding intriguing elements to your persona now. You can change your dress and overall get up if you want. Overall, a get-up includes size, accessories, and body shape. You must select a perfect character who is active and move fast.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Image 2

Without internet connection

You can download and play it freely. It means you don’t need any internet connection when playing this game. You don’t need an internet connection to play this game; nevertheless, certain newer features may not work properly without one. Some modes are available in extra live mod Apk. You can download it in the unlimited mod or unlock mod. Both are useful to play. You can earn unlimited money when you attack zombies with all your efforts. It will clear the space for you, and you can move forward with extraordinary efforts. You can select the character you want to play with.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Image 3

Join fighting groups

You can join different fighting groups when you feel weak to play in extra live mod menu Apk. Because you become strong when fight in a group, .you can defeat many enemies using valuable weapons in this game.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Image 4

Unlock some locations

Some places are locked, so try your best to unlock such locations for your benefit. In extra lives mod apk vip unlocked) There are about 200 characters to play against zombies. So you select different characters and visit places. This way, you can enter a new world where you must clear the area from zombies.

Extra Lives Mod Apk Image 5

Unlimited money

The extra live hack Apk is a source of unlimited money. When you enter the world of zombies and want to get your related objects, it is challenging in the presence of zombies, so you must select suitable tools. These tools are beneficial in fighting against them. When you pass level 1, then you can get unlimited money and coins. Visit different places to enhance your money. You can use this money to buy modern equipment for fighting purposes.

Fascinating tales

You can play this game with immersive narratives. Who can handle your situation when zombies attack and also provide help .They also tell old stories about the battle so you can learn how to fight in the battle of zombies. How to escape yourself from their attack? Stories are fascinating and ancient but very useful for you.

Thrilling mobile gameplay

There are eight different warring factions to choose from options. You can select it according to the different traits present in it. They fight with enemies in different situations, especially zombies. It is exciting to use guns and attack them.

Can access over 200 characters

Customizing your character is an option at any time. About 200 characters are present to select. Each character contains different traits and characteristics. You can enjoy in-game stories. Focus on in-game stories, and make deals with other players.

Multiple Locations to visit

You can visit multiple locations in Extra lives mod Apk. It depends upon you which location to select for fighting. You can enjoy this location because each has exciting features and the type of enemies is also changed. You have to face new zombies and handle them with modern equipment.

Our Experience With This Mod

It is an exciting game to play. You take on zombies in a battle & You take on the undead. You can select weapons according to the situation and attack them & You face thrilling Ads. Graphical representation is awe-inspiring. You can visit different locations where zombies also available to attack you

How to Install Extra Lives Mod Apk

  1. Click on the link Extra Mod Live available on the website
  2. Enable all unknown resources from your mobile settings
  3. Use the file manager to access this software.
  4. When it is completely downloaded, open and enjoy

Frequently Ask Questions FAQs

What is the size of the extra live mod?

A.Its size is about 81 MB.

Q.What is the default extra live packages?

A.The extra lives default bundle is air

Q.What are extra live mod features?

A.It contains unlimited or unlocked features.


This game’s gameplay is a hoot. You’ll need to take on a variety of foes, including zombies. You may choose the character you want to play at any given time. Death match, survivor, and editor modes are also available.

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