Download Farm Land Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

Have you ever come up with the idea of farming? Have you ever assumed of faring virtually? If yes then Farm Land Mod Apk is for you. With unlimited money.

This simple Modded application provides many ways and ideas for farming virtually. From harvesting to dairy poultry farms you will be amused by the detailed view of every module.

This simple yet powerful application will let you build your farm from scratch. From seeding the field to the expansion of your farms this application is no doubt the answer to all quests that a farmer to be had in mind


Farm Land Mod Apk
Farm Land Mod Apk

Seeding Fields

Once you are allotted the amount of field at the start of the game your first task will be to seed the unfertilized land.

Once you get into it you will be allotted land for seeding as a daily task. After seeding the land the next step will be to carry utmost care of the sowed seeds. More you will look after the seeds in the form of watering and covering from harsh weather more crops will be reaped at the end.


Once after sowing and taking care of the seeds and crops, you will be assigned the task of harvesting the crops at the end of the season.

The amount of harvested crop will directly be proportional to your hard work and the time you have spent with your crop.

You will find new machinery and technology from the time of seeding to the harvesting. It will depend upon your skills and how you will use technology to get more advantages from it.

Hire Workers

Taking care of your fields as a sole worker will no doubt be a hectic task. Later in the game, you can hire workers based on wages to make them work in your field.

Workers will be paid in return for the time they will spend in your field to grow them into profitable revenue for you in the end.

Expanding Islands

Farm Land
Farm Land

After working in the lands and fields you will be skillful enough to expand your territory. Increasing your lands to turn them into your owned island to get more and more revenue. After having much technology and workers it will be easy for you to take care of vastly expanded lands.

Raising Cattle

This application will also let you raise your cattle. Purchase cattle and let them graze from your fields.

Later you can get a profit by selling the cattle or by selling the dairy products of your cattle. Besides agriculture, your cattle will surely be the most profitable thing you will owe in the game.


Buying and selling of products is no doubt the main module of Farm Land Mod Apk. You can buy machinery for harvesting and cattle for you. Similarly, you can sell cattle and their dairy products and can sell your harvested crop in the end.


You can play mini-games like puzzle games, bubble shooter, etc. to earn more rewards. Once you get stuck in any of the tasks you can accomplish it by playing mini-games Mini games will give you a clue at the end that will let you finish any task easily.


Rewards earned at the end of any mini-game or the end of any task will be in the form of coins. These coins can use later for any purpose. You can buy new gadgets and items for fields. Or you can use those coins as a shortcut way to skip any of the assigned tasks.

What’s New?

  • UI is impro0ved
  • Minor bugs are fixed now
  • Updated to the latest version
  • better performance now


If you love playing construction games you can surely go for Farm Land Mod Apk for sure. With ratings of 4.2, this game shows how users love playing this game. Being adventure category based this application is adored by the users as it never lets the players feel bored.

With new tasks on daily basis, this game will make users feel like a completely new game with newly added features and modules. Enjoy more games from such as Dragon City and Warpath.

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