FM Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version (Official) 2022

Let’s try out this app and make your life easy with communication between friends or family members! We live in a world that depends heavily on these types of platforms. So it only makes sense to utilize them when necessary, like communicating via Whatsapp messages instead of calling each other over the phone.

fm whatsapp

With the time smartphones increase, many messaging apps are entering the marketplace. People use many applications, but you can call WhatsApp the king of transmitting. Because of FM, WhatsApp allows you to stay ultra-private in each email category. However, because of our compassionate nature, we need more. That’s why innovators develop related applications such as WhatsApp. 

Why use FM Whatsapp?

Many people ask about “which WhatsApp is best” for their daily use. The original WhatsApp app is dull and straightforward to use compared with the modified version of it. However, this app provides you with a more visual experience, which will make your chats much more incredible than before! 

Moreover, you can customize everything in this application according to what suits you or not by choosing from a range of options available on the screen for customization purposes only.

This includes fonts style as well, so now there’s no need to search high-up places where Google Play Store has got its list because we’ll take care of those problems here instead.

Features FM Whatsapp Apk Download

1-Hide the Online Status

FM WhatsApp is an excellent app for those who want to keep their online status hidden. You can make sure that all of your WhatsApp chats will always be private, even if you’re using the official form, and have an active internet connection at all times.

There are many other features, like Freeze Always Online, which allows users to send messages without requiring them to wait until they get back from accessing any websites with constant access (even while offline).

2- App Lock Feature

People who use WhatsApp Mod apps like FMWhatsApp or Blue Whatsapp Plus prefer the privacy features. For example, you can lock your app and hide blue ticks, second ticks, and recording status using it.

3- Create Chat Backup

You can use this app to back up your WhatsApp messages. It’s called Fm Whatsapp Data Recovery, and it will create a full chat backup for you so that if anything happens with the phone or ransomware takes over, there are still copies of all chats on another device.

4- Newest Feature

The original app allows you to pin only three chats, letting your pins accumulate and grow. You can also change the colors of groups- something that’s missing from the first version.

5- Bulk Emojis

Do you want to use your favorite emojis more creatively? FMWhatsApp allows for customizing the type of icon that appears when they send an SMS or MMS. You can select from stock icons, Facebook-created ones (Emoji One v3), Android 0 Emoji characters–and many others!

How can I Download and Install Fm Whatsapp New Version?

1- First, uninstall or disable the previous WhatsApp (if any). 

2- Now click on the link above to make FM WhatsApp’s new version APK download on your device.

3- Go to the Settings, open the Security Settings and then find your Device Administration options. 

4- Turn on the chance that indicates installing applications from different sources. 

7- Go to the upload folder and press the APK FMWhatsApp file.

8- Relate on Install and stay for the installation to complete. 

9- At last, open the app, register your mobile phone number, and enjoy the best features. 


  • You can delete your send message. 
  • It has thousands of themes. 
  • You can send ten images through one message. 
  • It can share large files. 


  • Its function works slowly. 

Final Words 

Whatsapp has been used for this, but being a licensed version causes it to impose certain restrictions, but don’t be upset. “FM WhatsApp” is larger than the official release of WhatsApp with its enormous features. It’s like giving the user complete autonomy. So trust me, you can’t stop yourself from using it once you set it up. Download FMWhatsapp now through the links provided within the article. Or you can download GB Whatsapp.

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