Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest version (updated) 2022

Nowadays, WhatsApp has become a famous source of conveying videos, audio, voice notes, photos, and many more. Besides, many people now require more WhatsApp features like status save, theme customization. The native WhatsApp does not allow the features mentioned above. Don’t get sad! If you need some extra characteristics for your WhatsApp, Fouad Whatsapp APK is available for you.

fouad whatsapp

It is a kind of Whatsapp that Fouad Mods develop. Its developer frequently releases Fouad Whatsapp’s latest version that contains many unique and amazing features and enhancements. After too much demand from stoners, the innovators started the modified edition of nativeWhatsAppp with many exciting features such as themes, showing double ticks, online status, etc.

It has additional privacy features, and you don’t need to pay a single penny to use royal Whatsapp on your android phone. Furthermore, if you have never used Fouad Whatsapp, I must say try it once. 

Top features of Fouad Whatsapp

1- Conceal online status 

Other versions of Whatsapp won’t let you hide your online status. However, it latest version enables you to hide or freeze your online status even if you use this app. This feature is privacy-friendly.

2- Customizable Privacy Feature  

Fouad Whatsapp APK other mod whatsapp like Yo Whatsapp put forward state-of-the-art personalizable privacy features such as hide blue ticks, second tick, blue microphone button, hide typing, hide recording, and many more which you want. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Hide Recording: If you don’t want the others to send you a voice note, you can hide the recording button on that person’s chatbox. 
  • Who can call me? Those only can call you which you select the people. If you always get angry at unknown calls, you can get the privacy of who can contact me. 
  • Encircle Typing: To this option, you can hide your typing status to show whether you are typing or not by just choosing the option of “Hide Typing.” 
  • Protect Blue Microphone: Click on the “Hide Blue Microphone” to easily remove the microphone button from the second-person chat.
  • Conceal Blue Ticks: Don’t show others whether you have read their messages or not by just activating the “hide blue tick” option simply in fouad mod whatsapp apk.
  • Hide Second Tick: A second tick is shown beside the message when messages are delivered. Go for the “hide second tick” option if you don’t want to show others that their message has been delivered or not.

3- Anti delete message 

Anti delete messages are one of the best features in Fouad Mod Apk. If someone sends you a letter or a voice record and immediately deletes the message, then this message is not deleted from your site. 

4-Light and Dark Mode  

If the high intensity of the phone’s screen light annoys you, this feature is for you. You can utilize light and dark mode for using mobile at day and night, respectively. Fouad Mod not only saves your eyes from high-intensity light but also makes it convenient for you to use it easily.

5- Font Style

Fouad Whatsapp’sp latest version is more affluent in types of fonts and their Style. Now you can choose your most liked font and Style to give your chats and messages a lovely and fantastic look. 

How to Download Fouad Whatsapp APK Mod 

As you better know, Fouad Whatsapp APK is a Mod application that contains different features from other applications. If you want to downtown it on the phone, the Google Android Play blocked the app; it’s known as a security of play protection. 

I will describe how to install a Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK with safety through this app. So let’s move towards the tips to Download it. 

Tips to Download /Install Fouad Whatsapp APK latest version Android 

First, uninstall the old original version of Whatsapp from your mobile device or tablet.

Now, download Fouad Whatsapp APK mod apk from the above download button.

After doing this:

    Go to your android device settings.
    Allow unknown sources if already allowed.
    Skip this step.

Open file manager and tap on Mod Whatsapp Apk File.

Click on the Install button, which is given below when installing.

Wait for Installation.

Enjoy the most famous fouad whatsapp with Features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Fouad Whatsapp APK Mod

Q1: Is it safe to install Fouad Whatsapp APK Mod’s latest version on Android devices?

Ans: Definitely yes, Fouad Mod Whatsapp is 100 percent secure. It’s safe to install Fouad Whatsapp on your tablet or smartphone. 

Q2: Can I uninstall Fouad Whatsapp when I want to? 

Ans: Afcouse, you can install this application at any time. Furthermore, you get the option to manage and create backup storage for your data in this mod app settings. 

Q3: Do I need permissions to install Fouad Whatsapp APK? 

Ans: Definitely yes; while installing this mod version, you may need permission first. Don’t be worried, guys, just genuine licenses are required. 

Conclusion(Finals Words)

To conclude the discussion, I will explain the Fouad APK Mod. Now you all are aware of this fantastic app. This app contains all the features which everyone wants. So guys, download and install the Fouad Mod Whatsapp APK and enjoy the outstanding features. Moreover, there are also more modified versions of Whatsapp Apk on this website ( like YO Whatsapp or Royal Whatsapp you may like to visit.