Download GB Whatsapp Lite APK v19.41.1 Free for Android

WhatsApp is excellent in modern communication and has many new features. The developers set the number of active users at 1 billion 200 million people, and this is not surprising because WhatsApp is one of the best messengers in the modern market. But, in recent years, the developers have not stopped and continued to work on new ways to surprise users who decided to Download GB WhatsApp Lite.

NameGB Whatsapp Lite APK
Updated On3 Days Ago
Compatible with Android 4.4 & Up
Latest version 19.41.1
Size64.2 MB
MODLighter and Faster
Google Play LinkClick Here
  • Anti-Delete
  • Ads Free

The time has come to bring the new season of WhatsApp Mods. Moreover, I’m publishing the first series of blogs related to WhatsApp Mod. The moment has arrived to start thinking about making the most of our moments, and I have prepared today a post based on a mobile application. Gb Whatsapp Lite has been quickly growing in popularity in recent months.

gb whatsapp lite

GB WhatsApp Lite is a modified version of the most famous messenger WhatsApp. It has the exact functions as the authorized WhatsApp, but with new features and a visual interface. Some of these functions are not present in the original application, and others can replace them.

GB whatsapp lite features

WhatsApp Mini or Whatsapp Lite is almost similar to the official Whatsapp except for minor features and appearances. In this article, you will know the differences between this GBwhatsapp lite and the official Whatsapp to easily decide whether to stick with the official app or use GBWhatsApp Mini.

  • A compact version of GBWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp Mini, is available. A smaller version of GBWhatsApp can also be viewed as official. There was a 35 MB file size in the previous version, which is generally regarded as a problem.
  • This smaller-than-expected fit only uses 22MB of space on your gadget, so it saves you space. You will run GBWhatsApp Mini APK easier and faster with the RAM in small details.
  • MINI is the pinnacle of what GBWhatsApp is. Downloading the new version 9.80 in this manner will give you a wonderful experience.
  • You can target specific bugs with this version. Besides that, both light and dark themes can easily change with frequency.
  • Please download the priority theme from the GBWA theme server if you are not satisfied with the available themes.
  • Moreover, this theme is different from the official variant 2.18.122. No root permission is required to install it.

GB WhatsApp Lite or GbWa Mini, one of WhatsApp’s most famous Modded Versions, includes widely utilized. Atnaf Hoaks created the GB WhatsApp Pro. After finishing the GB WhatsApp, Atnaf Hoaks made the GBWhatsApp Mini, a small version of the original GB WhatsApp Application. Moreover, GB WhatsApp has a simple function and easy-to-use interface that suits beginners and experts alike. 

You can enjoy this version on your android phone and computer by using the web. This Gb Whatsapp New Version Download has many additional features. It comes with unique stickers, and you can smoothly operate them without any problems. When you start using this app, you will not be disappointed because it works perfectly on your phone. Besides that, you do not require to add any new elements.

Today we are talking about Whatsapp Review. Overall it is best for those with a less-spec phone and wants full features in GB Whatsapp Mini. Moreover, this app is highly recommended because of its features and less space.


GB Whatsapp Lite
GB Whatsapp Lite
Lighter and Faster

Not only does the mini version take up less space on the device, but also it is lighter and faster than the original WhatsApp. Whatsapp Lite Mini has many important features and works faster on your device, taking up less space and content than the standard WhatsApp. You can use it for free.also try out SnapChat MOD APK from our website.

Less Storage

Lite WhatsApp works better than original WhatsApp in low spec mobile phones, and even on the server-side, it has a good effect. This Gb Whatsapp Lite New Version Download is designed to work only for Android. Moreover, it is light enough, so you do not have to worry about capacity.


In GB Whatsapp Lite New Version Download, If someone deletes the voice note or text, this mod version will keep showing that message. Besides that, it denotes that the message will not delete from both Sender and receiver end.

no Ads

Recently Gbwhatsapp created ads for a reasonable reason (to earn some dollars). Reportedly, Users are irritated with these ads. Moreover, that is why this latest upgrade of GB Whatsapp Mini arrives ads-free and pop-up-free.

  • Hide Bluetick.
  • Hide Typing.
  • Easily Hide Status.
  • Make Calls Private.
  • Send Bulk Messages.
  • Easy to use.
  • Anti-Ban.
  • Hide Audio Recording.
  • Airplane Mode.
  • Night Mode.
Gb Whatsapp VS Whatsapp

The main difference between GB WhatsApp and Whatsapp is that GB WhatsApp has more hacks and features. Aside from that, GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp are nearly identical in terms of interface, installation, sending, and receiving messages. You may also like this Whatsapp Red APK from our website.

Gb Whatsapp VS FM Whatsapp

The main difference between GB Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp is that you copy more than one message from a chat. In FM WhatsApp VS GB WhatsApp, your name and time can easily copy, but in GB Whatsapp, you can hide it. Moreover, you can also hide your last seen status for a subset of your WhatsApp contacts.

Gb Whatsapp VS YOWhatsapp

The main difference between GB Whatsapp and YOWhatsapp is that the theme store and themes in the YoThemes and GBThemes marketplaces have different-looking themes and designs. We see nearly identical when looking at the options. The top mod APKs have similar capabilities, and you may not notice any difference if you don’t properly examine them. Besides that, there is no principal difference between Gb Whatsapp and Whatsapp.

Gb Whatsapp VS OGWhatsapp

There is no principal difference between Gb Whatsapp VS OG Whatsapp. Aside from that, both are modified versions of the Whatsapp Original App and have additional features than Original Whatsapp, like hide blue tick, hide type, etc.

To download the official or modified version of this game, you just have to follow some steps that are listed below.

  • If you want to download the modded version of GB Whatsapp Lite Apk, you can get it from our website.
  • After that, click on the download button and enjoy this amazing game on your devices.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After that, click on the download button and enjoy this amazing game on your devices.
App Installed
App Installed
How to download and install GB Whatsapp Lite for Android?

You can easily download and install GB WhatsApp Lite on your mobile phone or tablet. 
After downloading the GBwhatsapp lite file, open it using your File Explorer and click Install. 
While installing WhatsApp Lite, first, you have to allow the 3rd party applications in the setting if you are not allowing them directly.
In this case, google how to enable 3rd-party installs for your device. Approximately 1-10% of users get this error.

What is GB Whatsapp Lite?

The GBWhatsApp Lite doesn’t collect or store your messages or data from Whatsapp. The only purpose of the application is to have a smaller version of the actual WhatsApp with all its main features, such as group and broadcast messages, images and videos, etc.

GBWhatsApp offers the following features. You can learn more about GB Whatsapp’s elements by looking at them. 

  • Various launcher apps icons
  • Hidden chat feature
  • Automatic reply to messages
  • Instant Hide writing status
  • Hide recording situation
  • Add stickers from Google Play.
  • Audio sharing up to 100 MB
  • Multi GIF providers
  • Digital store backup feature
  • Cool launcher icons
  • Exchange video player
  • Log info available
  • Block unknown calls
  • Online Chatting or Messaging
  • Enable password
  • Amazing photos click styles
  • Change notification-bar icon
  • Advantages of Messaging Scheduler
  • Message Schema creation and use. Via the web interface. Moreover, it may take as long as seven minutes. 

So if you’re looking for an awesome WhatsApp alternative to help you avoid the privacy issues of the new update, consider trying out GB WhatsApp Lite. Moreover, I think you’ll find that it’s a great choice not only because of its features and unique elements. Be sure to use one of the download links above, and let us know if you have any queries about Lite WhatsApp in the comments below.

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