Knife Hit Mod APK 2022 Unlimited Money/All Knife Unlocked

Download Knife Hit Mod APK latest version 1.8.12 (Unlimited money) and enjoy features free on Android. Knife Hit Mod APK is a game of knife and cutting products. Players can cut cakes and apples to eat after the selection of knives. The Knife must be of good quality so that it may be helpful in the clear game round. This game is all about the skill of Knife giving without any error. If a player has the skill of knife throwing, he can play this game well.

The Player experiences a rotating board, and he throws a Knife towards the rotating board; any food item present on the board must be cut after hitting. The Player has many challenges in this game. Simply, it seems an easy game but is composed of levels. After every level a difficult level comes, and the Player must pass that level. When the Player reaches the 5th level, he faces a boss knife which means a more complex knife challenge must be thrown to hit the rotating board. A player must have the perfection of throwing a knife. The game is full of fun and enjoyment due to food items. Boss level is also present in this game in the 5th level. In this level, the Player must beat the boss to win the apple.


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Knife Hit Mod APK



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5 Days Ago

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Unlimited Money/All Knife Unlocked



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58 MB

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Google Play Store


Knife Hit Mod APK Gameplay

After downloading Knife Hit Mod APK, the Player must hit the target using a knife. The Player hit the board after selecting point and Knife. The Player understands it very quickly. But some levels are challenging. Knife hit has a play–through mod combined with an endless game. Players must win a Nobel prize after winning this game. It is not straightforward, but once it passes. Different features more discover.

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Essential Features Of Knife Hit Mod APK

There are some  important features of Knife Mod APK are given below:

Unlimited Money

Knife Hit mod APK all knives unlocked is an unlimited mod APK that allows players to cut rotating boards by discovering a new Knife .player can play well. To discover new knife features are all unlocked.

Knife Hit Mod APK Image 1

Tough Rules

Rules to play this game or to download are rigid. The different level player must pass to discover new knives. New knives make competition.

Knife Hit Mod APK Image 2

Switch Off Different Level

The Player wants to play in this game. To win, the game player must go forward to clear the fifth round so that new knives of different power are discovered. Previous four-level Players must be passed, and then the 5th level can pass. Unlock different levels to discover new knifes.

Knife Hit Mod APK Image 4

Colours And Cool Designs

In this game Knives are present in different shapes, colours, and designs. Players can select according to choice and use it for hitting. The design’s shape depends on the strength of the Knife. A small design can hit less than a big Knife.

Knife Hit Mod APK Image 5

Critical Boss Level System

In this game, Knife hit, the system of boss level enhances Knife’s performance to cut rotating wood. The Knife is also used to cut items present on the rotating board. Players pass levels to compete with knifes items.

Graphical Patterns Are Amazing

Graphic patterns are so beautiful in this game. Mouth-watered apple or cake items are present on a rotating board. This game has 2D graphics with exciting gameplay interference.

Dangerous And Funny Game

This game is dangerous as well as funny. Both things make the possibility for the Player to play well. It is not as dangerous as mentioned, but the Knife itself is dangerous. This Knife Hit Mod APK VIP Unlocked is addictive and exciting.  Discovered this game because all games are endless and entertaining.

Exclusively Win Knife

Players must exclusively discover Knife when required. Different levels pass through boards, sometimes compass, cheese plate, and wood plate. The game depends upon the rotating board.

Knife Showing Thrills

A knife hit game is a game of thrills. Players can show the thrill of Knife. Challenge in this game is that the Player can not hit another knife or other object present on the rotating board

Updating Of Knife Hit Mod APK

New versions introduced new features, which are the following:

World Of Treasure

In the world of treasure, the Player assures them that they can defeat the previous boss.

Become VIP Membership

To get 200 apples daily, win a VIP membership. Switch of ads option and get experience.

The player must be active to play this game.

Command On System

The Player has a complete command to throw the Knife well, then win the game. Do practice more and more throwing the Knife. Not very easy and not very difficult features this game has. If players don’t practise, then they can’t become an expert in this game.

Leader-board Addition

The leader-board is added in this game. So that the Player can play well and can do best practice. After practising, pass out all levels and win more knives.

 Download Knife Hit Mod APK Now

  • Firstly, uninstall the original version if installed
  • From the website, then click on the download button
  • Search APK file, then again start downloading
  • Allow mobile setting to download from Google play store
  • Now, enjoy your game



This game is a timeless game and full of enjoyment and different designs of hitting boards and foods to hit. The Player is addicted to this game once played.


  1. Remove USB device material
  2. Make possible for app install features on USB
  3. Allow the App to read things present or check out WIFI
  4. App is allowed to write all content like networking or weather networking.



In the end, note the data you have to pick your choice. The best game is to play if the Player is fond of knives. Players can make the possibility to invite friends on the competition platform. The best features are here to play. A player must have the perfection of throwing a knife. The game is full of fun and enjoyment due to food items. Boss level is also present in this game in the 5th level. In this level, the Player must beat the boss to win the apple.


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