Download Last Pirate MOD APK v1.4.2 (Unlimited Gold)

The last pirate mod apk is the best in the adventure genre. In addition, at the start, the story will uncover as you are a pirate and with your crew, you have encountered a ship. Now suddenly, you were thrown into a weird deserted island. You have to leave the island because many suspicious and unexpected things will happen.

The game is specially designed for android users, and you will experience a new journey as a pirate. You will find a forest with green trees and wooden houses on the island. Furthermore, you will find a castle and see everything is in peace. But the peace is not permanent because you will face many dangerous incidents like black bears, sea monsters, Godzilla, chimpanzees, zombies, orangutans, Kraken, etc.

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Now you are alone on the island, and you have to find water and food for life. Try to find water without poison and food that you can eat. Try to make new weapons to survive on the island. You can find many things on the island and try to make new things to accumulate them.

Here you will see the island’s indigenous people, and you will fight with them for your survival. It is hard to do many things as a single survivor, but if you have the will to live, you will do it indeed.


Name of Application Last Pirate MOD APK
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Genre Adventure
Size 103.73 MB
Version 1.4.2
Update 18 May  2022


Attractive storyline

The last pirate mod apk download has an attractive storyline as you are thrown on an island, and no one is here to help you. In that case, you will do everything you like batter for your survival.

No water is here, so you need to find safe water that does not poison you. You are facing many issues like searching for food and a secure place to hide because many dangerous animals around you won’t attack you.

Play offline

You can play the last pirate cheat apk offline as well. Many missions are there but not as normal games. The diversity of games can distinguish the game from others.

Your goal is to escape safely from the island, but no ship is coming here, so you need to make a ship with limited resources that you can recycle because there are limitations on the island. Play this offline game without worrying about mobile data or Wi-Fi because you can play it anytime, anywhere.

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Use all resources

In the last pirate mod menu apk, you can use unlimited resources. For survival, explore the island like a pro and collect food, and live a fishing life, or you can sail by raft. Without the internet, you can connect with the game and become a pirate.

And complete the missions that you will face after missing on the island, but there are so many dangerous elements like zombies that can kill you. As well, you can fight with a black bear or Godzilla. But all missions need resources to use all elements you see o the land of death.

Experience new events

Last pirate mod apk free craft, you will experience new events all time. There are continuously happing’s, and you can participate in these events. Searching for food like coconuts, fish, bananas, or other forest food will help you survive, but getting these foods is also a hectic mission.

To make your weapons, you need leather, wood, and stones. These things are important to make any basic weapons, and you can recycle them again and again.

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Game indicators

There are three game indicators of your character: health, thrust, and hunger. You need to take care of all these three indicators, and if these indicators are exhausted, you can finish the game and start from scratch again. So take care of these important character indicators to play the game long.

How to download the last pirate mod apk free shopping

  • Open our site and search for the download link.
  • Hit the button, and you will redirect to the next page.
  • Downloading of the last pirate hack apk will be complete in a fast period.
  • Go to the security of the settings bar and enable the third-party source file.
  • After getting the installation files, you can play the game on your device.


Q1: Can I download the last pirate hack apk on my pc?

Ans: Yes, you can download it, but before any process, you need to download an emulator that will help the player download and run any android game on their pc. You can enjoy the same game speed on your personal computer without any issues.

Q2: Is features are limited in the last pirate mod apk unlimited money?

Ans: No, there is no limitation to using game features; thus, you can also use as many features as possible. Unlimited money, gold, stones, food, water, and equipment are there to help you in your survival mission.

Q3: Who developed the game last pirate mod apk unlocked everything?

Ans: RetroStyle Games UA is a game development company, and you can see many games from the company. The game is also a great production of this company.


The last pirate mod apk is a survival adventurer game that you will play as a pirate. You are lost on an island where you need to try to live your life. There are many dangerous elements on the island. There is no food and water, and many enemies want to kill you. But your main focus is to survive among all these problems. Thus you will find many missions on the island, and after completing them, you can earn unlimited resources to escape from here. But during all this matter, you will find many treasures, and it is an interesting thing that you, as a pirate, grab what you want. Therefore play the game and share your thought in the comment below section.

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