Lumber Inc Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems) 2022

As the name suggests the main theme of this game will be forestry. Lumber Inc Mod Apk is an android application that leads you to grow forests and do trading upon it.

Lumber Inc Mod Apk
Lumber Inc Mod Apk

You might be thinking about how growing forests will lead you towards trading. As you know a single tree can be molded into multiple end products.

From building houses to fuels trees are also helpful in producing resins and waxes. You can use lumber for trading. Besides lumber different raw products of trees can be used for selling a d buying different products in exchange.

Once allotted with land rest of the game will be in your hands. Generating your revenue from the trees and using plots for expansion of your forest territory all will depend upon the skills and strategies that you will use.


Lumber Inc Mod Apk
Lumber Inc Mod Apk

Lumber Empire

Once after the start of the game, you will be allotted a piece of land where you will start your lumber business from scratch. Once after the allocation of land, your next step will be to grow your forest from the initial that is from seeding.

From planting to the growing of trees your hard work will be proportional to the revenue earned in the end. Expand your territory where you have grown your forest. Increasing your area of forest will lead you making of more and more profit.

Heavy Machines

We all know forestry itself is a discipline itself. A sole person cannot handle all of it on their own. He must need heavy and technical machinery if he wants to grow his business of forestry.

The same environment you will find in Lumber Inc Mod Apk. You will own multiple technical types of machinery that will let you manage your forests more conveniently.

From the cutting of Lumber to the export or if we talk about making end products this game is loaded with lots of machines that are easy to use.

These machines are feasible too new users will never face a tough time is using those automated machines.

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Hiring Staff

If you are using machines for the growth of your forest you would still not manage your forest. You will always be in need of the companionship of your staff. After the growth of the forest, you can hire staff that will help you grow your forest.

Hiring of staff will not only helpful in expansion of your forest but it is also helpful in making the end products and exporting them to the destinations.

Purchasing gadgets

You can purchase gadgets and machines in return for the lumber and rest of the end products. You will have a shopping option at the bottom of the screen that will show you all those gadgets that can be helpful in forestry.

You can buy them or can add them to the cart. After paying the amount on return of the gadgets in the form of the coins you will get those gadgets and will be able t use them in your forest.


You can earn revenue in the form of rewards. The more you grow more you will be awarded. The earned rewards can be used in multiple ways. You can buy gadgets in return for the coins and rewards.

These rewards can also be helpful in unlocking the succeeding stages. Because there will be multiple stages that will ask you for a certain amount of rewards collection before proceeding.

Whats New

  • Updated to the latest 1.4.0 version
  • Unlimited money and Gems
  • UI is improved
  • Better graphics now


After reading all these features, you might be wondering how unique this game is. You will hardly find out any other single game on the internet having such a unique theme.

Developers of Lumber Inc Mod Apk really came up with a unique idea and users really got attracted to the uniqueness of this game.

But this is bitter truth users face difficulty in downloading this game as there is no such reliable source for downloading it. But don’t worry we here are providing you the authentic link to the installation of Lumber Inc.

Click on the provided link above it will start the installation of this game at once without the involvement of any other application.

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