Download Manor Matters MOD APK v3.2.1 (Unlimited Star)

Manor matters mod apk has a mission to renovate your dream mansion with essential objects and materials.

You will act like a detective trying to complete the quest with suitable elements. You will go to ten locations to find essential elements to put them in the story in the game. Moreover, the report will continue with all these little but practical steps.

In addition, in the search for hidden elements, you need to play mini-games, which is the best part of the game. In fact, every game step is engaging and fun-oriented, and you will love to do the next step. However, you can use unlimited resources and enjoy upcoming events that can change the whole mood of the player. Here you will play different puzzles to search for hidden objects.

Manor Matters Hacked Apk

Primarily the mansion needs to repair, and then you can sell it if you want. But before doing this, you need to improve dusty rooms and put the virtual objects for the mansion’s beauty. During the manor renovation, you will discover many secrets, and people know that this castle wood is hunted. Now you, as a new owner, try to find out some crucial answers. Thus you need to know whether the mansion is hinted at or not.

You will work for two jobs, as a designer, and as a detective. While when you work as a detective, you need to find the solution to the dark secret of this hunted mansion. But a designer decorates the villa with old and antique things and also considers the solution to this mystery.


Name of Application Manor Matters MOD APK
Publisher Playrix
Genre adventure
Size 140.86 MB
Version v3.2.1
Update 3 Days Ago


Suitable for all ages

The game is no doubt the best and suitable for all ages. Every gamer will find it easy when they see clear instructions on the screen about the different tasks. You will discover scenes after scenes after completing one of them.

You should focus on earning more stars if you want to meet the story and find the hidden secret of the mansion. On the positive side, you will get a list of required items for each scene, and it will be easy for the player to find what the story needs.

Play as per the story

In the manor, matters cracked apk you will play scene by scene. Every stage will connect to the next one, and you cannot choose any set as per your mood. Additionally, you need to follow the storyline, and if you fail to complete the task, unfortunately, you need to replay it until you succeed in it.

In each scene, you will find a set of functions on your mobile screen, and you need to find a hidden object by completing the puzzle and the earn stars as a reward.

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Decorate the mansion

The mansion is abundant, and you are here to renovate it with your creativity. It is important to realize each missing element from the game has its importance, and you will find a connection with the story. The manor is a big building, and you need more time with more effort.

In that case, you need to speed up your work, and for this, you can use the money to speed up your work. Meanwhile, you need to put the right piece of art in the right place, and it will give you unlimited stars. These stars are the best reward to gain more items and furniture in the game.

Manor Matters Cracked Apk

Impressive graphics

In manor matters mod apk download, the graphics and sound are awe-inspiring. Equally, the suspense and thrill in the mystery games are also vital points of this exciting game.

The decoration of the mansion and secrete puzzle is designed well. Indeed the animation and visuals of the game are truly inspiring and exceptional.

Unlimited stars

As a reward, you will find unlimited stars, and you can use them to decorate your mansion. You can earn then unlimited because if you finish the task, you will be rewarded by these stars for buying your desired art piece.

How to download manor matters mod apk unlimited energy

  • Download Manor Matters MOD APK. You need to press the downloading button.
  • On our website, you will see it, so press further steps to proceed.
  • Open your device by clicking on settings and going to the Security tab. Here enable installation files from unknown sources.
  • Wait to complete the steps, and then you can open the game.
  • Now enjoy and get unlimited fun with the game.


Q1: What is the size of manor matters hack apk?

Ans: The game has 141M in scope, and you can easily install it on your device. Thus enjoy the game on your mobile and show your skills to the world.

Q2: Are manor matters mod apk ios suitable for my device?

Ans: Unlimited sources are available for download on the internet while we always care about our visitors. For this reason, we updated a technically virus-free game. Thus you can play and resolve the mystery of the game.

Q3: What is the use of manor matters mod apk unlimited stars and coins?

Ans: Unlimited stars and coins are a source of fun, and you can shop with them. These rewards are the way to upgrade your game and buy your essential types of equipment freely.


Manor Matters MOD APK is a mystery solution puzzle game. Therefore you will play simple gameplay with the help of some tutorials that you can easily find in-game. Of course, you will do many things by playing the game. Worked as an interior designer and did some exceptional jobs as a detective to find the mystery of hidden truth. Not only can you go through with exciting and attention-grabbing events, but you also find a sense of events happing in the game. In short, you are here to investigate the mystery and renovate the mansion to solve this puzzle game.

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