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The Ocean is Home: Survival island – Ocean Is Birdy Dog Studio introduces Home Mod Apk. Sea Is Home is a very unique and incredible survival game. You can gather food, supplies, and weapons to live on an island. Even if there are numerous difficulties to overcome, you can still explore the region and have a good time there. The game is highly fascinating and drags you entirely into it.

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 App Name Ocean Is Home: Survival Island
 Latest Version
 Last Updated 4 Days Ago
 Publisher Birdy Dog Studio.
 Requirements Android 5.1
 Category Adventure
 Size 76 MB
 Google Playstore Playstore

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk Introductions

The Ocean is Home: Survival island – a fantastic survival game where you can help your hero to survive on a deserted island. The game’s story begins after your jet crashed, and you were the only survivor. Get food, make shelters, frighten off wildlife, and search for goods that may have survived the crash. Join other players worldwide and strive to live up to the morning in this game with superb 3D graphics and relatively simple controls.

Ocean Is Home Mod Apk Game-Play

What would you do first if this situation truly happened? We must gather resources and collect wood and stone since they are all necessary materials, precisely as in the game. They are required to build homes, make simple tools and weapons, and generate electricity. The Home provides protection and shelter from the heat of sun and rain. Hunting, self-defense, and fishing all involve the use of weapons. It would help if you had tools to locate food, grow crops, farm, and store water.

The standard of living rises. You are used to the concept of being here and existing there permanently. Your life motto progressively changes due to that concept, and you can actively try to do more things to survive, adjust, live better, and collect everything on the isolated island. You begin to consider more complicated tasks like creating electricity, constructing an entire farm, and creating a home specializing in producing tools. Improve the manufacturing of specialist vehicles so you can travel the island comfortably.

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Ocean Is Home Mod Apk Features

  • Complete freedom to explore the vast island.
  • The ability to build your own house.
  • The ability to make tools and weapons to hunt and live on the island.
  • An improved system of player abilities.
  • A variety of modes of transportation.

Player’s Skill

You can use any talent they have to enjoy the game. It offers a fantastic chance to modify the character’s skill set by the customer’s zone preferences. The character could fall and flee the island as a result.

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Offline Mood

For all Android players to enjoy, Birdy Dog Studio also includes offline gaming in the game, making it more accessible. Now, if you want to play the game, you don’t need to activate your mobile data or search for live Wi-Fi connections. You can always play Ocean Is Home on the move and enjoy its fantastic mobile gameplay.

No Advertisement

There are no advertisements in the game’s modified version, which is another beautiful feature. You may take advantage of an ad-free version in this way. It is a fantastic feature of the Mod version, as it relieves annoying pop-up advertising so the player can enjoy an ad-free experience. It is just amazing.

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Variety of Vehicles

The game offers a large number of variations. While riding the game, you may enjoy the game’s vehicles, like trains, carts, and many more.

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Ocean Is Home Mod Apk-survival island plays brilliant tools, and there are a lot of additional tools. The garden fork, spade, turn shears, grass shears, rake, sickle, hammer, rope, and firearms. View all the small agricultural equipment and methods. The machinery used in agriculture for form-making. Weapons are still around throughout the game. You create a fantastic world. You can utilize a variety of weapons in this game. Every tool’s function is built on a survival game, so you may start by understanding the strategy. You then continue using your skills. Among many other activities or qualities are fishing and water exploitation. Find food, clothing for survival, and various other items—including electrical road and street-based—in your main game.

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Music And Sound

Ocean Is Home’s outstanding soundtracks, stunning sound effects, and stunning visual elements and graphics will keep you engaged in the simulation game at all times. Have great fun using the game’s features and enjoying the fantastic in-game world.


The game’s graphics are stunning. The magnificent scenery and character outlooks make the game appealing and engaging, and you are participating in the game due to the amazing.

How to Download Ocean Is Home

  • Download and install the Ocean Is a Home link from our website.
  • Access the settings on your smartphone.
  • Turn on all unwanted resources and begin downloading.
  • Open this file from the mobile device’s storage after downloading.
  • To order to install your game, click Mod Apk.
  • After the game is over, you may have fun with it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is it true that downloading Ocean Is Home will cost money?

A: You should not worry about it. You can welcome to play your favorite game for free.

Q2: Is data loss possible after downloading Ocean Is Home Mod APK on a device?

This game is safe to play. Your data are not negatively affected by it.

Q3: Can we also play this game on a PC?

A: Of course, you can, but first, make sure Android Player is set up on your PC.

Q4: Is the app paid?

A: Ocean Is Home Mod Apk can be downloaded free on your smartphone.


With its detailed and realistic island survival simulation gameplay, Ocean Is Home for Android lets you get the most out of your role-playing adventures. You can do whatever you want on this vast island, so feel free to explore the fun features and fascinating gameplay. Enjoy the stress-free gameplay that will never fail to wow you while facing your island survival challenges in different lifestyles.


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