OG WhatsApp APK Download (Latest Version) 2022

Nowadays, Whatsapp has become a source of communication. In this modern century, many people want an amazing, unique and perfect app, a chatting app to chat with their relatives, family, and friends. O GWhatsApp APK Mod is a valuable option for you. If you like to remain corresponding with your loved ones, then OGWhatsApp is perfect.  

WhatsApp has been a popular source of expressing audio photos, videos, voice notes, and many more. Moreover, several people presently need more WhatsApp characteristics like status to save, theme change customization. The aboriginal WhatsApp does not enable the elements presented above.

Due to Og Whatsapp’s unique and amazing features, it is the most used app by people. WhatsApp is very famous among the youth nowadays. There are various special features like anti-ban, anti-delete, giving you the themes, and many more which you want. 

Later too much need from users, the innovators started the modified edition of native WhatsApp with many exciting features such as themes, showing double ticks, online status, etc. Whatsapp has extra privacy features, and you don’t have to pay a single dime to use OgWhatsapp APK Mod on your Android phone. 

OG WhatsApp Information

  • App Name: OG WhatsApp
  • License: FreeWare
  • Android Requirement: 5.0 or above
  • Version: 14.00
  • File size: 50 MB

Top Features of OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

1- Anti Ban

The best mod of OGWhatsApp APK Latest Version is that this modified version is anti-ban. OGWhatsApp is 100 percent safe and secure. Moreover, it can never be banned.

2- Anti Delete

Anti delete message is a fantastic feature of the OG WhatsApp app download. If someone sends you a message and immediately deletes it, you will be able to see the message on your chat. That is an anti delete feature of OGWhatsApp. 

3- Password Protected

This feature of OGWhatsApp is fantastic. That element is not available in a simple Whatsapp. For your particular chat, you may set the password. This modified Whatsapp is very impressive and valuable for you. 

4- Colorful Theme

For your WhatsApp chat, you may select the theme. In OGWhatsApp, there are many themes, about 1000+. The theme selection of your WhatsApp chat is yours. 

5- Status Downloader

In a simple Whatsapp, you do not have an option to download other people’s status. Moreover, If you want to Download the status, you have to go for the status downloader. But among all, WhatsApp download gives you the feature of a status downloader. Moreover, you can easily download the status without downloading a separate quality through this option.

6- Calling Unsaved Number 

OG WhatsApp gives you the feature of calling an unsaved number. Through this, without adding someone’s number to your contact list, you may call anyone or message any person. This feature of OGWhatsApp saves time of yours. 

7- Inbuilt What’s app Locker 

It will benefit you if you can lock your whole Whatsapp through the fantastic features of the inbuilt Whatsapp locker. It has such unique and perfect app lock features. 

Tips for installing/downloading OGWhatsApp APK Latest version

Here are the tips for installing or downloading an OGWhatsApp APK. The points include: 

  • Start by uninstalling the old version of Whatsapp from your mobile device or tablet.
  • Now, download the OgWhatsapp APK mod from the download button above.
  • After doing these things:
  • Browse your Android device settings.
  • Authorize unknown sources if they are already authorized.
  • Skip this step.
  • Open the File Manager, then tap OGWhatsApp APK File. 
  • Click the Install button, as indicated below, when installing.
  • Wait for Installation of OGWhatsApp.
  • Congratulations! 
  •  Enjoy the most famous OGWhatsApp with the best Premium Features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) of OGWhatsApp APK Latest Version

Q1: What is OGWhatsApp?

Ans: OGWhatsApp is a unique and straightforward version of modified WhatsApp developed by a third party. 

Q2: How do I download OGWhatsApp?

Ans: The installation of OGWhatsApp is straightforward. To Download this amazing APK, go to the installation button. You may click on the button. 

Q3: How do I update the OGWhatsApp?

Ans:  If you have an old version of this mod of APK, you may update your OGWhatsApp. The Update is necessary for the old version of OGWhatsApp. 

Q4: Is it safe to use OGWhatsApp? 

Ans: Definitely yes, it’s safe. OGWhatsApp and other apps and game like temple 2 run mod apk is 100 percent safe and secure Whatsapp for your android phones. 

Wrap up! 

To conclude the whole discussion, we may know that OGWhatsApp is the best and unique in use. It provides you with more than 1000+ themes. Moreover, it contains unique and amazing features which everyone wants. You will never be bored while operating this OgWhatsapp app. So guys, what are you waiting for? Go and download the OGWhatsApp and enjoy the fantastic features. Or there are some more modded versions of Whatsapp like Royal Whatsapp, Whatsapp plus blue, and many more on our website get modz!!

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