Otherworld Legends MOD APK (Unlimited All Characters/Money)

In Otherworld Legends MOD APK, plenty of superheroes will play for the betterment of humanity and try to remove bosses from the land. A big-league includes male and female heroes, so all ages and genders will enjoy the game. Moreover, the game is based on many battles, and you will enjoy its diversity.

In addition, villain Asurendra made a trap for all heroes from all universes, and he sent a summons to call these heroes but made deadly traps for these heroes. Now you, as a superhero, recognize all the matter and try to demolish his evil deeds. During all these efforts, you need to work together with other heroes, and for this purpose, you will make a league to kill all destructive forces.

Otherworld Legends Hacked Apk

In that case, you will play an RPG gameplay, and there is a series and dungeons where you will demolish hordes of monsters and foes. Besides, there are many stages and levels that you will face and do lethal battles along with other heroes. On the positive side, you will see bosses demolish after each step if you miscue them, and you can remove the imaginary world of Asurendra.


Name of Application Otherworld Legends MOD APK
Publisher ChillyRoom
Genre Action
Size 597.78 MB
Version v 1.12.1
Update 2 Days Ago


Collection of characters

There is an extensive collection from knights, warriors, mages, archers, and ninjas to magic masters. All these characters and superheroes come from different times and spaces. Chiefly you need to select the exemplary character against the suitable villain ad that will be good for you.

For this reason, you can primarily check all the essential things about your selected hero. Surely it is your exam to choose the best hero against the cruel boss to kill him and win the level to get to the next step.


The game’s graphics are 2D, and many people think it is not attractive due to the modern era. But it is totally opposite, and you will enjoy the character’s details and visuals of the game.

The graphics of the otherworld legends mod apk download are eye-catching, and you will find yourself in the ancient world of fiction where many heroes will be around you, and you will work as a team to hit bosses and the main villain.

You will find special characters with unique powers, like ninjas and warriors who can damage others with the fastest speed, and recovery will be too low.

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Unlimited items

The game is not based on characters. In fact, you will find many necessary items that are also important to make you more powerful. Along with armor, weapons, defensive shields, or material fragments, you can use more than 90 items to make strong your hero.

These items will provide to you after your every success, and you can use them according to your need. Even swords, armored gloves, bows and arrows to the drill bit are not enough, but you can merge different items to build new explosive weapons that will help your hero in battle.

Otherworld Legends Cracked Apk

Mod menu

In otherworld legends mod apk android, you will find many mod features and resources that will benefit you. You can unlock all heroes and characters and use unlimited hero pieces and skin pieces of your heroes.

You can gather club membership in the mod and collect soul stones with total ruby and sapphire. Keep the weapons enhancer card with you because it will help you to hit one time to remove your opponent in the game. Therefore the mod is the best choice for any player who wants to play without restrictions.

How to download the otherworld legends mod apk all characters unlocked

  • Open our site and press the download button present on the site.
  • Wait till the downloading of Otherworld Legends MOD APK finishes.
  • Now open your security tab in the settings portion of your device and click on the third-party source file.
  • The installation will complete in a few seconds, and then you can run the game on your device.
  • Open and play the game and enjoy becoming a superhero.


Q1: Where can I download the otherworld legends mod apk free shopping?

Ans: We suggest you download the game from a responsive site that uploads a safe and secure play. While we are doing the same and you can download the game from our site and do not need to pay any amount or no need to subscribe to any form.

Q2: Is the otherworld legends mod apk mod menu best for pc?

Ans: If you play the game on pc, you need to follow the steps that help you get the game without any issues. Use Bluestacks and download the game on pc by clicking some steps. Now the game can play on your device, and you can enjoy playing it anytime.

Q3: Otherworld legends cracked apk is a modded version?

Ans: Yes, it is a modified version of the original game, and you can play it with the unlocked latest version. It will be available on our site, and the player can get all the features without spending money, and you can buy all items with virtual money.


Otherworld Legends MOD APK is a war between many super forces. Indeed you will play from the side of superheroes and will destroy all villains to save the world. Many characters and countless items will help you make the game more interesting. However, every character has individual properties, and after collecting all these powers, you can win the game. During all this war, you will face many difficult stages, and now it’s up to you how you tackle these problems one by one. Otherworld legends hacked apk has unlimited resources for skins, metals, money, energy, power, etc. Of course, you will use all these items to better humanity. Thus download and do let us comment below about your experience.

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