Secret Neighbor Apk Download (Latest Version) 2022

You probably have played hide and seek in your childhood. Most of us have grown up playing games like hiding and seek and others. Being in the virtual world now it is impossible for any child or person to build up social relations with others.  Secret Neighbor Apk is basically a hide and seeks game that lets the users play and build social cordial relations.

With the 8 most interesting characters this game will let you be in the character of your own choice. Each character has its own specialty and unique power.

If you want to learn about the game and its features you can read up on the following mentioned attributes and modules that you will find in this game.


Secret Neighbor Apk
Secret Neighbor Apk

Main Idea

The main idea behind the game is actually the hide and seek game. Where one has to catch all those others who have been hiding under or beside obstacles.

Story Mode

This game runs over story mode which makes it more interesting. 7 characters including you will have to sneak into the house of the wicked neighbor quietly without letting him know.

All you need to do is to find out the keys to the basement to reveal the truth about the neighbor owner of the haunted house. You have to do all this very carefully so the neighbor would never learn about the sneaking incident in his house.

If he catches you will fail the round and you will be asked to replay the round from the start with much more difficulty.

Powerful Al

After being caught by the neighbor next time he will give you much tough time as Secret Neighbor Apk is supported by the powerful Al. With this powerful AI player that has used the previous tactics will no longer be able to use that again.

Linkage of Indents

Because AI will record every single move you, tactics and tricks that you have used in the preceding round to sneak into the house of the neighbor will no longer give you any benefit.

You will be asked to lay the game with entirely new tactics and tricks that you haven’t used so far. It will be much more difficult for you to do. So never take any chance of being caught by the neighbor.


No doubt the story mode of this game lets users enjoy the game and the animation at the same time. Every single detail of the game is well developed so that the user will never get bored of playing it on repeat.

One of the key successes of this game is surely its live animations and graphics. From sneaking into the house of the neighbor to snooping into the basement everything has the best color gradient support which enhances its graphics.

Choose  Characters

You will no longer be asked to play the game in a single character. This game allows users to choose any character and play the game being in that character throughout.

You have the option to choose any of the characters among those7 at the start of time and after finishing the assigned task you can opt for another character.

Super Powers

All 7 characters will be rewarded with some superpowers. Like the character of the engineer will know how to develop the new gadgets to use in the hallway to steal the key and snoop into the basement.

The same goes for the rest of the characters. Each character is loaded with a bunch of superpowers that you can use accordingly.

What’s New

  • Updated to the latest version
  • Application failed issue is resovled
  • Better graphics in updated version


After reading the mentioned attributes you have probably cleared up the main working and attributes of this game. This game is surely letting people learn the social behavior that we used to have in our childhood.

With horror animated story mode Secret Neighbor Apk is no doubt the first choice of many users people are sick of playing those story-less shooting and running games.

Playing games with story mode always helps users to indulge themselves in the game wholeheartedly and to learn new tactics. Enjoy more games from like Shadow Fight 2 and Rope Hero, etc.

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