Stickman Warriors Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Power) 2022

Who else of us is not fond of watching animie? There are multiple games that have been developed after inspiring by the animie.  Stickman Warriors Mod Apk is one of those.

This game is truly inspired by the anime where different animie characters will be fighting for their survival. Each character will have some unique superpower that can be used accordingly. The full name of this game is Stickman Warriors Super Dragon Shadow Fight Mod Apk. So don’t get confused between these two.

You can change the attire of the characters and can load your characters with powerful weapons. From power punches, you can increase the progress.

The graphics of this application is considered the key feature of the popularity of this game. As animie are mostly liked for the graphics. It same matters for this game too.

Its story mode will lead you to the understanding of the scenarios first which will be helpful in the next succeeding stages. With training modes and tournaments, you can do wonders.


Stickman Warriors Mod Apk
Stickman Warriors Mod Apk

Graphics Transformation

You can quickly transform the graphics. Background, themes, and attires of the warrior. Characters can be changed so quickly. Graphics transformation is no doubt the best feature of this application. Whenever you get bored of the same theme and graphics you can transform it into your own. It does not have better graphics than Shadow Fight 2.


With more than 100 tournaments this game will let you take part in exciting leagues and tournaments where you can defeat other players too.

Taking part in tournaments can enhance your progress speed in the game, and you can accomplish your tasks on time.

Tournaments can either help in earning multiple rewards that can lead you to get and purchase power tools for your characters.

Training Mode

Before officially starting an arena train your characters in training mode so they will be trained enough to tackle the opponents.

Training mode will let you learn the basics about the fights and the arena that can be helpful in playing against your opponents.

1v1 Mode

You can also face your opponents on face vs face mode. This mode is so interesting that most of the users prefer playing the 1 vs 1 mode.

This one is also helpful for those users who have been trained in training mode right after training mode they can apply their learning tactic over in this mode. This mode will not give a tough time to the newbies as they have few skills to tackle the opponents.

Story Mode

Stickman Warriors Mod Apk works on story mod where you will find more than 100 stories. With each story, you will be playing along with new characters. Each new story will be linked up with the preceding story which will let you understand the situation easily.

Power Punches

Every time your character will punch and kick the opponent those punches will be counted every single time and will be displayed over the screen.

One who has hit another more than others will be the winner. Power punches will be counted and displayed over the head of the character.


Each fight and arena will be started at the specified time like Tekken 7. You have to take over the opponents within the specified time on the screen. Your progress will be measured with the power punches used within the specified time.


Gestures that you will be using in the game will be available at the bottom of the screen. For instance, if you want to use a power punch or kick gesture you can quickly switch to those right from the bottom of the screen

Modded Highlights

As far as the Modded version is concerned there are a few highlights that we have mentioned below.

  • Unlocked Themes
  • Unlocked Attires
  • Unlock Characters
  • More Rewards
  • Secure
  • Free Installation
  • No in-app purchases.


After reading about all those rich features that one can find over this simple mobile application, you might be sure how powerful this game is. The number of features that one can find over this Stickman Warriors Mod Apk is the same as one can ever find over any other powerful fighting game over PlayStations.

So if you are a person who can’t afford PlayStation for the games you are highly recommended to install this application. Enjoy more action games from such as Among Us and Tacticool, etc

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