Tekken 5 Apk Download For Android (35 MB) 2022

Every one of us back in our childhood might have played the Tekken series on PC. Tekken 5 Apk is the inspiration for the same series but this time it has been developed for smartphones. It has just a 35 MB size.

Nowadays all of us prefer to play games on our smartphones instead of on the PC. Playing games on smartphones is very convenient and it has the feature of portability.

Things we used to do on the PC are now completely transferred over the smartphone. Like we can take full advantage of the functionalities of Tekken games on the mobile screen as we used to do over the PC. Tekken 7 is the latest version of this game right now.

Switching this game to smartphones hadn’t put any special change in the interface or any other module of the game. You will enjoy this game on smartphones as you used to do on the PC back in childhood.


Tekken 5 Apk Download
Tekken 5 Apk Download

Street Fight

As the main theme of the Tekken series has been the street fight. This version of Tekken is providing the same storyline where you will meet characters fighting in the street for power and for glory.

Strategic Play

After reading about the term street fight you may have a misconception about this game that it is only a fighting game without any strategy. But keep in mind this is not like any ordinary fighting game where you will keep punching the opponent.

This game needs to be played strategically. Using the right moves at right time can lead you to win the game easily and fast. If you are not using strategies while playing it you may lead to failure.


You will find many characters that will lead you to win the game with their super punches. Each character will have their unique power punches that can be used accordingly.

Switching characters can lead to a change in the interface and the power moves. If you are facing an opponent that is way stronger and more powerful than your character you can simply switch to your powerful character.

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Power Punches

You might are wondering what is power punch? Power punches mean the gestures and control of your character. How your character will act to the power punches of your opponents will depend upon your strategical move.

Each character will have their own power moves depending upon their skills. You can switch among characters depending upon the opponent you are facing.


This game has the feature of background sounds which can be modified anytime. Using power punches will also generate sound every time. If you want to play in a completely silent mode you can mote the background sound and gestures sounds.

Health Bar

Every time you get into the Tekken 5 Apk you will see each character has the health bar status. This will how many lifelines of your character are remaining and how much they have shown progress in the game so far.

A health bar can be helpful for you if you want to check your progress in the game and how much are there to win the game.

Combo Mode

Combo mode leads you to choose characters in a combo that will start a new exciting arena. With double opponents, you can go for the combo mode.

It is the most powerful game mode with all the exciting features. Using power punches of both powerful characters in combo mode will make this game more interesting and powerful.

Once you try combo mode we are sure you will be addicted to this mode that you will never go for 1v1 mode again. This model is way more exciting than others.


No doubt the above-mentioned features show how pretty easy and exciting it is to play the game on the smartphone that was assumed to be played on the PC or power station.

Tekken 5 Apk is a bundle of exciting features in a small application. It will never let you feel bored with exciting features. You will surely enjoy every in-depth feature of this game.

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