Tm WhatsApp Apk Download (Latest Version) 2022

Using WhatsApp as a chatting application is quite trending. Most of the population use WhatsApp as a handy option for chatting.

Tm WhatsApp is a Modded version of WhatsApp official with many additional features. It provides all those features that one can find over official WhatsApp along it provides additional features.

Tm Whatsapp
Tm Whatsapp

It breaks many restrictions that we face over official WhatsApp like the selection of 30 images to be shared at the same time. Similarly, the length of the video being shared is restricted. Along with it the size of the document being shared is limited.

But this version of WhatsApp is a providing pace of easily chatting without facing any restrictions.

Summarizing all the brilliant features of this WhatsApp seems impossible but we tried to write concisely about the bold features for you


Tm Whatsapp Download
Tm Whatsapp Download

As mentioned this WhatsApp is aimed to provide ease to the users with many hot features. Some of them are mentioned below.

Multiple Contacts

This feature lets users send and forward a single selected message to an entire contact list simultaneously. Instead of tapping every contact individually you can tap over send to all which will broadcast messages to the entire list.

This helps in composing and sending a new message or forwarding a selected message to the entire list.

Customized Themes

Play with the themes and the defaults colors. In the huge library of this WhatsApp, you will find out many trending and attractive themes that you can opt for.

If you are longing for new themes install them directly from the internet into the library which you can later switch to.

Automatic Reply

Set up a default message to send users when you are not available. An automatic reply will send a default generated message to the contact that has trying to reach you out.

Hide Conversation

Are you tired of being bothered by the message notifications? Don’t worry you can surely go for hiding of the messages that will never pop up on the screen notification for the message you have got.

Media Length

Share audio of length up to 100MB. This feature is very rare that can be ever found on any other Modded version of WhatsApp,

Similarly sharing more than 30 pictures has been made possible by WhatsApp. You can share more than 100 images at the same time with any of your contacts. Along, with it, you are allowed to share documents of any size and any format. In short, this application has opened ways of sharing multiple and bulk data to contacts.

Long status

The status length has been increased to 7 minutes instead of that sick 30 seconds only. This allows sharing video status even in MBs.

Long Message

As we face the issue of character length on official WhatsApp. We can only type approx. 700 characters in a single message.

But this version of WhatsApp is allowing you to type and send messages of any length no matter how many characters you want to type in.

Copy Status

Directly downloads the video status of any user. Along with that you can copy the text of any shared status and paste it anywhere. You can also do that on Jt Whatsapp and Gb Whatsapp Lite


After getting about the rich features of this Tm WhatsApp you might are wondering it is difficult to use this application as the default chatting application.

Interestingly this application is really easy to use. Later you can modify modified the appearance of the font according to your own,


From the above-mentioned features, you might be clear about the powerful features of this application. You can install it from the mentioned link above.

The only requirement this application asks for is the operating system version must be 4.1 or above it.

The rest of this does not ask for any other requirement you can install and use it over any smartphone and enjoy its brilliant features.

Some FAQ

Is this Tm WhatsApp is secure?

Yes, this application is a secure option to go for.

Is Tm WhatsApp is available on the google play store?

No, you can not find it on the Google play store. But still, we are providing you with an authentic way of installing this application.

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