Wcb2 Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022

World cricket battle 2 is a 3d cricket game with a story mod this application starts with narrations of a story that keeps going through succeeding stages. With story mode, you learn about past incidents and future expectations.

Wcb2 Mod Apk is more like a cricket simulation that lets users feel the real cricket. It contains all those tournaments that we commonly play in real cricket. Along with it allows taking part in championships and tournaments like ICC and Asian league.

Wcb2 Mod Apk
Wcb2 Mod Apk

If you are a cricket lover person you are in need of this application. Once you start playing it you will be addicted to it for sure.


Wcb2 Mod Apk
Wcb2 Mod Apk

Story Mode

As mentioned this game works on story mod. Narrating the story with each succeeding stage will let you understand what your next goals are and how to accomplish those assigned tasks on time.


Story Mod will make you enjoy the cricket and story at the same time. With narrations on screen, you will enjoy every second spent in the game.  Story Mode will let you know about the bonding of the players and their backgrounds.

3D Graphics

This game has a special feature of 3D graphics supported with live animation. The graphics of this game has played an important role in its success of this game. It is considered the key feature in the popularity of this game.

You will find out every basic detail with this amazing graphics feature. From the pitch to the crowd every detail is supported with graphics and vibrant, saturated colors which will give the illusion of a cricket simulator rather than a 3D cricket tournament game.


With tournaments like ICC cricket lead, and Asia Cup you can take part in like Wcc2. Playing with other teams will e=let you learn more about the game and earn more rewards in the form of the coins.


Get your team names displayed over the leaderboard. The more you take parts in tournaments higher will be chances of getting your name displayed over the leader board. You can compete with those teams who are at the top of the leaderboard to become the strong circlet team among others.

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Wcb2 Mod Apk works on the same mechanism of cricket that we commonly play. Your team will have to charge against the opponent team. After toss chooses your turn between batting and bowling.

Make sure to set the highest scores to give the opponent a tough time accomplishing the task on time.  Set your team at right and picky spots during fielding-so they can narrow down their grip over the opponent team and not let them accomplish the score on time.


This game works on both mods that are online and offline. In the offline mode, you can only play it without setting your records on the leaderboard, but in the online mode, you can set your name displayed on the leaderboard by challenging other teams online.

You will find out online mod more interesting so we suggest you go for that option instead. in the online mod you will find out all those features that were missing in the offline mode.


If you are a cricket lover and do not have time in this busy world nowadays to spare some time to play this game outdoor. Then we highly recommend you install Wcb2 Mod Apk on your phone.

This will allow you to play and expand your social circle by being in contact with online real players all around the world.

Some FAQ

Can we play Wcb2 Apk in offline mode?

Yes, you can. As this game is supported with both online and offline modes you will enjoy this game on both mods.

How can we install the Modded version of Wcb2 Apk?

For your ease, we have provided the link to the Modded version of this application that will directly install this application onto your phone.

Is Wcb2 Apk safe to install?

Yes, this application keeps the privacy of users. It only gets the needed permissions. Besides this, it will never cause any privacy issues to the users.

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