Whatsapp Red Apk Download (Latest Version) 2022

WhatsApp Red is a chatting application with versatility. From text messages to videos and from freezing WhatsApp accounts to the anti-deleting messages feature it provides diversity.

Whatsapp Red Apk
Whatsapp Red Apk

Who else among us is not familiar with WhatsApp, the most trending messaging application. We all have WhatsApp installed on our phones to chat with our loved ones. But when we specifically talk about Red WhatsApp we mean a lot of additional features of WhatsApp.

With this version of WhatsApp users will not only find all those features that one can on simple WhatsApp but it also provides additional and outstanding features that we can use to chat with others more interestingly and excitingly.


Whatsapp Red
Whatsapp Red

 Freezing Module

With this module, you can freeze you’re last seen Just like Coocoo Whatsapp. If you enable this feature your last seen indicator will show the time when you enable this feature.

Don’t worry you will be able to send text messages, make video calls, and will be able to use every single feature of WhatsApp Red even by disabling last seen.

Disable tags

You might have noticed while forwarding any message on official WhatsApp the receiver will get a message along with the forward tag on the message. If you don’t want to show the forward message tag on the top you can use WhatsApp Red instead.

Hide View

Along with disabling tags, you can hide your view status from anyone’s status same as you do in Tm and Jt Whatsapp. This feature will let you watch the status of your contact by still not showing your contact name in the viewed status contacts.

Read Receipt

You might have used the feature of disabling the read receipt even in official WhatsApp. Still, by using this feature your sender can easily get to know that the sent message is delivered.

But if you want your sender to get not to know about message delivery then you can use this feature in this version of  WhatsApp. By enabling it the user will never know whether the message has been delivered yet or not.

Status Indicator

Hide your status indicator. By hiding the indicator your status like online, typing, last seen will never be shown to your contacts.


The internal protection system of this WhatsApp can provide you with ways of privacy. You won’t be asked to install any other application from the play store to lock this application.

It will provide its security and protection by letting you set up the password and entering the password every single time you will try to open it.

Message Scheduler

Guess how funny it is to set the schedule of your message. This is the most interesting feature that you will find over this application.

If you want to wish someone a birthday and can’t wait to wish him exactly at midnight. Then don’t worry WhatsApp Red has a solution for you. Type your message and set the message schedule as midnight. Your message will be delivered exactly at midnight.


No need to slide down the notification tray to turn on the data connection or WIFI. As this application is providing you with the feature of connectivity itself.

 Video Limit

As many of us are tired of being able to send 3 minutes videos only on WhatsApp. This version of WhatsApp will let you break the limitation of video length and send a video of any length. Group call

As mentioned this application has broken many limitations that you may face in official WhatsApp or any other mode version of WhatsApp.

Similarly, it has possible to make a video call in a group with more than 4 members. Add as many participants you want to.


From the above-mentioned features, you are now probably clear how powerful Whatsapp Red is. As far as its features are concerned still, there are many other features to be mentioned like a dark mode, background change, status length, anti-status, and much more.

If you want to enjoy the features we are providing the authentic link for downloading WhatsApp Red without the involvement of any third-party application.

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