YouTube Blue Apk Download (Latest Version) 2022

Watching videos on YouTube has always been the first choice of users. Sometimes official YouTube lacks behind in providing all those attributes that a user always expects from it. YouTube Blue Apk is the substitute for YouTube providing all missing features.  From watching online videos to downloading online videos for offline use it provides a pace to users to get into limitless entertainment.

Watch videos of your interest In multiple modes. It provides a variety of ways to watch videos in window mode or background mode. Users will never disappoint in finding the features that he expects from it.


YouTube Blue Apk
YouTube Blue Apk

As mentioned this version of YouTube includes all those basic features of the official YouTube along with new features. We here have mentioned all the features one by one or your ease.

Watch Videos

Blue Youtube
Blue Youtube

Watch unlimited videos online. Search any video of your interest directly by searching through the search tab. The process will be real quick that It will take only a few seconds to load the result.

Watch Later

If you have found the video of your interest but cannot watch it the moment it has appeared in your suggestion. You can simply add it to the queue of watching later videos.

By doing so the video will be added to the watch later category and will remain there until and unless you watch it or remove it.


You will be amazed by the powerful suggestion algorithm of this application.  Videos you watch on repeat this application will keep you suggesting the videos of your interest only.

Window Mode

You can switch to window mode easily. This mode is helpful when the user wants to scroll through other videos at the same time while watching the video. Switching o window mode will reduce the size of the screen and will not pause the video.


Watch and download the video at the same time. YouTube Blue will allow users to download the video being watched simultaneously. The user does not need to pause the video to download it into the phone storage. You can also download videos on Pink youtube.


With the Ad-block feature, users can watch videos of any length without being irritated with the ad’s pop-up notification.

No Root

Besides being the Modded application it will never ask you to root your device before and after installing this application. Install the video and enjoy watching videos without being asked for rooting the device. There is no root required in Red Youtube As well.


Users can switch to multiple themes as per their desires. Switching to the theme is quite easy. Simply by tapping over the theme change icon the entire interface will be changed into a new theme.

This application is supported by many installed themes and you can switch to them but if you want to add new themes you can do so very easily by downloading new themes directly from the internet.


As there are many assumptions about the Modded applications that these applications are not secure but as far as this application is concerned it will never lead you towards privacy concerns.

What’s New

  • No 400 errors more
  • Play video in the background
  • updated to the latest version


Having 4.3 ratings out of 5 shows how well-developed YouTube Blue is. With more than 20K active users this application is surely leading among other Modded versions of YouTube.

Users have not shown any privacy issues or any other security concerns so far. It has the highest number of active users.

if you want an authentic source for downloading this application all you need to do is click on the provided link that will start the downloading of the application without the involvement of any third-party application.

Some FAQ

Is Blue YouTube available is available on the play store?

No, it is not available in the play store. But we have provided you with the authentic ink of installing this application.

How can we update Blue YouTube if it is not available on the google play store?

The process is very simple. Whenever a new update will available you will be notified at once. Simply by searching the application over you will get the updated option instead of download. Tap over the icon it will make your application up to date.

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