YouTube Pink Apk Download For Android (Latest) 2022

Using YouTube for watching videos is a kind of trend now. We found pre-downloaded YouTube whenever we even buy a new smartphone. Having such popularity YouTube still lacks behind in providing the ease that users expect from it. YouTube Pink Apk Apk is providing all those features that one wants from any entertainment application.

From watching content to free downloading of content directly into the library are a few highlighted features of this version of Pink YouTube. You can download Youtube Pink Apk directly to your android device from


YouTube Pink
YouTube Pink

Some of the main highlights of this application are mentioned below.


The recommendation algorithm of this YouTube is well-developed. Users usually adore how fast it recommends the videos of interest to the users.

If you want to watch videos of your interesting genre, watch a few videos directly searching from the search bar onward it will suggest videos of your interest only.

Classy theme

Providing multiple theme options is one of the brilliant features that you can find. As the name suggests the default theme of this application will be pink but you can switch to dark or any other theme of your interest whenever you want to.

Once you get into the application officially there will be no need of changing the theme as you will adore how well this application is designed from its features to its theme, color, and its design.

Dark Mode

You can completely switch to a dark mode of this application. Simply by tapping over the dark mode option entire interface will be switched to dark the theme.

This feature is found in official WhatsApp but many Moddedversions do not provide ease of using dark mode.

Background Mode

Background mode will allow the user to play videos in the background. For instance, if a user is texting someone or doing important stuff he can simply play the video in the background so that he can enjoy the feature of multitasking.

Screen Brightness

There is no need to change the brightness from the notification pane as you can find the feature of changing screen brightness directly from the application.

If watching videos on full-screen brightness irritates your eyes you can simply slide down the brightness directly by taping and sliding over the video screen being played. You can set brightness accordingly.

Videos On-Repeat

Select the option of the loop that will start playing your selected video on repeat. Once you select this option your selected video will start playing and you will never be asked to change or select another one.

This feature is handy in the scenario when you are doing other stuff and changing the videos being played is difficult to handle.

No Restriction

YouTube Pink provides no restriction on age and country. This application is legal to use in almost every country and shows no restriction on age too.

Many Modded application nowadays provides restrictions on the country in which they are used installed and used. This application is free from such restrictions.

No Ads

One of the most interesting features of this YouTube is that this application provides smooth playing of videos without popping up ads.

Even on official Youtube, the most irritating feature is the pop-up notification of YouTube Ads during videos.

If you are among those users who got irritated by the ads notification you are supposed to give this application a try once. You will like the smoothness of videos without extra notification. Youtube Red also provides ad-free streaming.

Video Downloader

Along with finding tons of videos of your interest, this allows you to download videos of your interest directly into your phone.

No matter what will be the length of the video being played you will have the option to directly download the video with a single tap over the downloader icon.

What’s New

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There is no doubt you always need YouTube on your phone no matter YouTube is an official version or the Modded one.

Having official WhatsApp installed over the phone will no longer require any Modded version to be installed again.

But if you want to try any Modded then we highly recommend you to give YouTube Pink a try. You will surely like the features of this application.

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